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Two at the Zoo Birthday Party

I had SO MUCH FUN planning Quinn's birthday this year! She loves the zoo and animals, so I knew I wanted to do it at The Montgomery Zoo. I found a super cute zebra print dress online and based the whole party theme around it.

I am lucky to have such a talented mom, she helped me so much with the party planning. We basically planned the whole thing in one night! It was so much fun planning the party with her, we make a great team and I could not do it without her!

It was a super windy day and we didn't get to decorate exactly as we planned, but everything still turned out great because Quinn had such a great time!

I designed invitations, cupcake toppers, stickers, party favor bags, signage and a birthday banner.

Invitation Design

Custom sticker design. I ordered printing from zazzle

The sweet birthday girl!

Party favor bags. Large sticker design, I ordered printing from zazzle.

My mom did the cupcakes, cake and zebra cake topper.

And a birthday website, just for fun!

Want to use my designs for your birthday party?

CONTACT ME for a quote. I would love to help you with your party and can work with any budget! Invites, cupcake toppers, signage, stickers, banner and website available to customize!

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