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Christmas Gift Bags & Gooey Butter Cookies

I definitely feel like a Christmas elf this year! I have been doing a lot of sticker designing, baking and packaging! I know I sound like a broken record, but, these zazzle stickers are my go-to this holiday season...and quite possibly my go-to forever!

I made stickers to personalize white gift bags from Party City for Quinn to give out at her daycare Christmas party. The gift bags were peppermint themed (I always get my tissue paper from TJ Maxx because they have the paper with scalloped edges that I LOVE) and filled with peppermint and santa sippy cups from Walmart, fresh baked Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies and Christmas stickers from Target.

My current obsession: Designing stickers for EVERYTHING!

These Gooey Butter Cookies are so good and make such a pretty cookie! They were very easy and fun to make. I love that this recipe uses Christmas sprinkles...very festive!

Here is a great tutorial that shows how to stuff gift bags the right way with tissue paper:

I also made a tray of the cookies and cupcakes. Can you tell I am really into sprinkles? The Christmas sprinkles add a festive touch and make such a pretty holiday tray! You can find the best sprinkles at Hobby Lobby during the holidays and Walmart has super cute and CHEAP holiday trays. The Dollar General has some pretty good ones too! I am always impressed with Walmart's baking section too.

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