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Little Pumpkin 1st Birthday Party

Flashback Friday!!!!! My little pumpkin is turning 3 this weekend! How is that even possible??? I was looking through these photos and wanted to share the details of her Little Pumpkin 1st Birthday Party. My mother and I had SO MUCH FUN preparing, planning and executing this party.

I designed square birthday invites for the party. I loooove square invites, they just give you so much more room to do something a little extra and different. She was such a vibrant baby with so much personality, I knew that I wanted to use bright colors. The little pumpkin theme was a perfect fit for our sweetie.

THE CAKE! I am VERY lucky that my mom makes AMAZING cakes.

She also made these adorable tutu cake stands!

The birthday banner I designed. Large and in charge lol!

Fabulous tutu cake stands!!

I found chocolate mold 1s at Hobby Lobby. The little fondant pumpkins I ordered off of Etsy.

Cookies by Icing on the Cookie, Birmingham, AL.

I got these awesome pumpkin candy holders at Walmart for FIVE DOLLARS each and ordered candy from Oriental Trading.

I designed Quinn a poster with all her favorite things and measurements.

EASY door hanger project. I got the letters at Hobby Lobby and attached them to ribbon with hot glue. I also painted pumpkins.

I usually find the outfit FIRST, then plan the entire party around it,.

I am not going to go UGLY CRY because my baby is growing up TOO FAST!!!

Want to use my designs for your birthday party?

CONTACT ME for a quote. I would love to help you with your party and can work with any budget! Invites, Banner, 1st Birthday Poster, 12 months picture template are all available to customize.

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