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Christmas Santa Claus Treat Bags

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!! It was really fun to put together these treat bags for my daughter's preschool class. She was really excited to help and give them out at school. The effort and time put into the bags was worth it because I got to teach the importance of giving while also doing a fun activity with her. It really is the best time of the year!

Quinn is all about Santa this year, so, I knew that he would be perfect on her Christmas card!

I found these awesome Santa sippy cups at Walmart for 99 cents!

We can only bring bought baked goods (sad!) to school to give away so I got different flavored oreos for the bags.

I designed a sticker for the oreo bags to jazz it up a little. PEACE, LOVE, COOKIES! <3

I got some cute treat bags at Hobby Lobby and secured my 4x6 Christmas card design on the front with a hole punch and curling ribbon. It is such a cute and easy way to customize a bag!

My sweetie pie with her gift bag. She was so excited to take them to school!

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