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After School M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies + FREE One Smart Cookie Printable

Are you ready to whip up some melt-in-your-mouth m&m chocolate chip cookies that are the best ever texture and taste?! Well, I have got a GREAT recipe for you. One bowl cookie recipes are easy, fast, and will score you some major points with your kiddos. Little effort = big rewards with these cookies. Forget about the pre-packaged stuff at the store and make homemade!!!

These cookies are loaded with mini chocolate chips and topped with m&ms, plus there is secret ingredient that really adds to the flavor: Vanilla Coffee Creamer!

Print my cute card design and have these sitting out for your kiddos when they return from their first day or week of school. These cookies and card would also make a great special treat when report cards come in!


Download PDF • 115KB


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