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DIY Amazing Spiderman Valentine's for School!

Hey there, superhero parents! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've got an adorable DIY Spiderman Valentine idea for your little Spidey fans at school. What do you need? Betty Crocker Spiderman fruit snacks, my Spidey Valentine Tag from Celebration Day Studio (it's a breeze – download, print, and cut), a pair of scissors, and a trusty stapler!

🕷️ The Amazingly Cute DIY Spiderman Valentine Kit:

  1. Betty Crocker Spiderman Fruit Snacks

  2. Spidey Valentine Tag: Swing by our Etsy shop to snag our exclusive Spidey Valentine Tag. It's not just a tag; it's a mini love note in Spidey style!

  3. Scissors & Stapler: Your trusty sidekicks for putting together these Amazingly Cute Valentines.

🕸️ How to Create Spidey-tastic Valentines:

  1. Download & Customize in Canva: First things first, head over to my Etsy shop to download my Spidey Valentine Tag from Celebration Day Studio. Once downloaded, hop over to Canva for a quick customization to add that extra personalized touch for FREE.

  2. Print & Cut: Grab the Spidey Valentine Tag, print it on some cardstock paper, and give it a little snip-snip. It's easier than Peter Parker catching a cab in New York!

  3. Attach to Fruit Snacks: Grab a pack of Betty Crocker Spiderman fruit snacks and attach the Spidey Valentine Tag with your stapler. Pop in a staple on top.

  4. Spread Spidey Love: Your Amazingly Cute Valentines are ready to swing into action! Encourage your little hero to share these web-slinging treats with their classmates.

Some other Spiderman themed treats to attach this tag to could be:

Let's make this Valentine's Day a web-slinging celebration! 🕷️💙

If you make these, I would love to see your creations!


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