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Back-to-School Busy Bee Oreos

The countdown for the first day of school is on at my house! The school supplies, new backpack, and clothes have all been bought. Last year we didn't get to have the traditional Kindergarten experience because of COVID, so this year we are CELEBRATING big, including back-to-school treats for the whole class, of course! I love traditions and starting new ones. Let's do this!

These three ingredient cute busy bees are so easy to whip up!

Here's all you need to make them:

• Mega stuffed Oreos

• Yellow and white candy melts

• Candy eyes

Just drizzle the melted yellow candy melts over the oreos and attach the eyes with a bit of melted chocolate, stick the white candy melts in the side, and you've got the cutest little bee ever! They are the perfect edible craft to make with your little ones too. It will help them get pumped for their big first day!

Just attach to my custom cookie card, and you have got a great first day of school gift to give out! My daughter is so excited to give these out. I used these 3x4 treat bags from amazon and stapled them to the card.

So get busy and creative to celebrate the new school year with these busy oreo bees!


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