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Baking with Kids: Easy Baking Recipes & Techniques for Kids of All Ages

I am so excited to be taking over Itty Bitty Bakers Instagram today to share some easy recipes that you can bake with your little ones! Itty Bitty Bakers is a kids baking school located in Birmingham, Alabama that is committed to providing both an enjoyable and educational experience no matter the child's experience level in the kitchen. They also host awesome birthday parties!

Today I have rounded up some of my favorite recipes and techniques for kids. As a mom of two itty bitty bakers, I have a lot of experience with baking and creating in the kitchen with kiddos! Yes, it is super messy, but it is also a super fun way to get hands-on learning experience for your little ones!

Baking with your children is a wonderful way to create meaningful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime! Some of my best and fondest memories from my childhood are baking and decorating cookies with my mother and siblings. My mother sold custom cakes from her home bakery during my childhood. I still remember the wonderful smell in the kitchen and watching her create gorgeous cakes, cupcakes and cookies! It inspired my creativity and you can do the same with your children!

I have an arsenal of tried and true family recipes that I have been baking, testing and developing for years and I am so excited to share those with you today. Anybody can bake my simple and easy recipes, no skill or prior baking experience required!

Here are my favorite go-to's to make with kids:


At the top of my list of recipes to bake with kids are cut out sugar cookies! Sugar cookies are SO FUN to bake with your kiddos! With only 5 ingredients, my sugar cookie recipe is super easy. My kids LOVE rolling out the dough with a rolling pin and using fun cookie cutters. We make cut out sugar cookies for every holiday and it is so much fun! I like to use an easy glaze so they can just dip the cookies and decorate with sprinkles. Even the youngest of kids can participate in cutting out sugar cookies. My little ones have been making these cookies with me since they were able to stand!


I am obsessed with mini cookie cakes! This personal pan sized cookie cake is PERFECT for kids to make and decorate. All you need is a 6 inch pan, frosting, a large open star tip and sprinkles to decorate. Just pipe an easy border and add sprinkles. These cookie cakes are easily customizable for any holiday or birthday theme too! Tip: press chocolate chips on the top before baking to make the cake look bakery worthy!


Swirled cupcake are so pretty and so much fun for birthday parties! They are the best compliment to so many great party themes (unicorn, rainbow and mermaid... to name a few!) This decorating style may seem difficult at first glance, but it really couldn't be easier to do! Older kids will have a blast making these cotton candy cupcakes with swirled icing.

I like to use the plastic wrap method. Follow these simple instructions below to achieve that swirled look:

1. Lay a large piece of plastic wrap on a flat surface.

2. Prepare your colored frosting and place in two separate piping bags.

3. Cut the tip and pipe each color in a “log” on the plastic wrap. Repeat with the other frosting bag.

4. Fold the plastic wrap over to shape it into a two-toned log.

5. Cut the tip and place the plastic wrap log into a large pastry bag fitted with a decorative piping tip.

This method is perfect for decorating my cotton candy cupcake recipe!


It's a fact: Kids LOVE cake pops! Anytime I go through the Starbucks drive-thru, my kids beg for a cake pop. Did you know that these treats are actually super easy to make and perfect for little hands?! I love making them with a mini cone for easy assembly and dipping. These coconut cake pops are a big hit with my family and perfect themed treat for the chilly weather we have been having lately.


Chocolate Chip Doozies! A dream come true! As a kid, I loved going to the mall and stopping by The Great American Cookie. We weren't always allowed to get a doozie, but when we were allowed to get one, wow, what a dream come true! As an adult, I just had to recreate my favorite childhood treat. These are great to make with kids! My daughter loves them so much, she requests them as her special birthday treat.

I hope you try some of these recipes with your kids at holidays, special occasions or just any weekend for fun! It is so rewarding to bake with kids. You will cherish the memories you make (even if you don't cherish all the cleanup you'll have, haha!). It's worth it, trust me!


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