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Butterfly Birthday Party + Invitations + Favor Tags

I was super excited when my daughter told me she wanted a butterfly themed 5th birthday party! I knew there would be so many cute and fun details we could create! She also wanted it at Pump It Up again, so I had the challenge of making this party space fresh and new this year! She already is saying she wants it there that will be another fun challenge for next year.

As always, I start with invitation design to create the look and feel of the party.

I can't attach anything on the walls, so, I wanted balloons filling the back wall behind the party table.

Another outstanding cake by mother, Ellen Neal!

I made these sweet Butterfly Tags to attach to the boxes. I bought Foam Mounting Tape at Hobby Lobby.

DIY Butterfly Blow Pops! I skipped the paper crafting and bought these on amazon and attached the blow pops with tape on the back. These went in the gift bags along with Keebler Bug Bites.

Butterfly Sugar Cookies by my mom and I tried my hand at the mini ones!

My mini butterfly cookies.

Cute and easy cheese butterfly crackers! Use Pepperidge Farm Golden Butter Crackers and cut out assorted cheeses with these butterfly cookie cutters. My sister made these! It always helps to have the whole family pitch in.

The party was a success and this little birthday girl had a blast!!! I LOVE celebrating her and am so blessed that she is my daughter. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY MY SWEET QUINN!!!


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