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Celebration Day Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I LOVE COOKIES! Seriously, my family calls me the cookie monster. LOL!

Naturally, I am obsessed with cookie cakes. I have always bought cookie cakes for special occasions and holidays because they are just so fun and tasty! I was spending, like, forty bucks a pop on these and it finally dawned on me that I need to make my own...DUH. I have tested a lot of different recipes for this and had a lot of flops. I even tried store bought cookie dough, but it just wasn't the same and my cookie cakes turned out very greasy. I finally got it right and, goodness, it’s perfection.

You really need to try to make your own! It is so so easy and so so delicious. Trust me, you'll save time AND money!

BONUS: It's so simple to customize your homemeade cookie cake for any birthday theme or holiday. You can used homemade buttercream or store bought icing and tint the icing to match your theme. If you use store bought frosting, you will need to add about a half cup powdered sugar to thicken it for piping. Of course, add lot and lots of sprinkles!!!

I think the most satisfying thing about bringing a cookie cake to a holiday, party or get-together is that it’s going to get devoured. Baking success!

OK, enough need to go bake yourself a cookie cake, ASAP!

If you make this cake tag me on Instagram @celebrationdaystudio for a feature!

Some supplies you might need:



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