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Celebration Rice Krispies Cake

How fun is a Rice Krispies cake?!?! Ya'll, it is so easy to make! It's a no-fail cake that takes practically no time to whip up and it just screams "LET'S CELEBRATE!" All you need are Rice Krispies, marshmallows, candy melts and sprinkles!!!

I used these Silicone Chocolate Melting Pots to melt my colored wilton candy melts and they worked perfectly! Before I found these little pots, I hated using candy melts because of the mess they made. Now, these make the clean up so easy!

I have made a few Rice Krispies layer cakes with my buttercream frosting, but, never in a angel food cake pan. I saw the idea on instagram from one of my favorite accounts, Mom Loves Baking. She used a Bundt pan and it looked great! Lise has such a great baking blog, check her out!

After your cake cools, just put your melted candy melts in a piping bag, cut the tip and drizzle over your cake! Of course, this cake can be changed to match any party theme perfectly. It just doesn't get any easier than a Rice Krispies cake, and I LOVE easy! Now get to no-baking and enjoy!

Here are some things you might need:


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