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Chocolate Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Easter is just around the corner! Here’s to warm sunshine, gorgeous springtime & pretty colored Easter eggs!

Celebrate this Easter by making these deliciously rich chocolatey sugar cookies frosted with gorgeous speckled pastel buttercream!

I developed this chocolate sugar cookie recipe from my original sugar cookie recipe during the pandemic. I am so pleased with how the cookies turned out after many test batches! I topped with my Vanilla Buttercream and speckled using cocoa and vanilla! YUM!

These cookies have the best texture! I am not going to lie; they are RICH, but that is what dessert is supposed to be! The cookies are super easy to decorate and look so cute. They are a great baking project for kiddos too!

Note: Using dutch processed cocoa powder instead of regular will help take away any bitterness.

If you make these, I would love to see your creations!

Hoppy Easter!!!


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