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Christmas Present Brownies

It's the season of giving! Have you finished your Christmas shopping already, or are you a last-minute kind of holiday shopper? In my opinion, baked goods are always a great gift idea! Who doesn't love something baked from the heart with love?! I have the cutest idea for decorated brownies that look like adorable Christmas gifts to kick off the holiday season!

Here's what you need to make my gifts galore brownies:



Step 3:

Allow brownies to cool completely. Taking a small offset spatula or butter knife, frost the top of the brownies with white frosting.

Step 4:

In a separate bowl, color some of the frosting red and fit two separate piping bags with the smooth weave tip and the drop flower tip. Fill the piping bags with the red frosting. Pipe the top of the brownies with two smooth intersecting ribbons and then add the drop flower on top. Sprinkle with festive sprinkles!

These brownies would also be so adorable at birthdays! I will have to make a version of this design for birthday celebrations. Also, stay tuned for Birthday Present Blondies® coming soon!


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