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Easy Brownie Bite Sundaes

I love easy, don't you!? Sometimes there just isn't enough time to make something homemade! Maybe you just want a quick and cute treat to serve on a special day. Times like that call for semi-homemade. These easy and super duper cute brownie bite sundaes fall under that category. (I really love that category ha!)

Store bought brownie bites are a life saver when you are short on time! Of course, you can totally make homemade brownie bites if you prefer. I've got some delicious brownie recipes that I will posting soon, so stay tuned! However, for this treat I got store bought brownie bites delivered through Amazon Prime (my other life saver LOL!) from my local Whole Foods Bakery and they were perfect for my sundae creations – totally delish!

I made my homemade vanilla buttercream frosting (you can also use real ice cream if you want or store bought frosting!) and scooped it on with a mini cookie dough scoop....sooo easy! I topped with store bought, thick fudge ice cream topping and used plenty of rainbow sprinkles. Add a cherry on top and you've got the cutest little dessert ever!!!

Happy weekend everyone! Go treat yourself with these cute little brownie bite sundaes!

Here is everything you need to make these adorable little brownie bite sundaes:

Tag me on instagram @celebrationdaystudio if you make these little brownie bite sundaes!

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