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Easy Chewy Sugar Cookie Bars

Words can't adequately describe my love for sugar cookies. They are my all-time favorite dessert. And since I am baking my way through this pandemic (baking therapy anyone?!), I set out to create an easy sugar cookie bar using ingredients already in my pantry! I am also impulse buying new baking tools and for this bar I used my brand new brownie pan.

The new pan bakes fast evenly because it has a finish with high-carbon steel material which can transfer heat faster, providing even heat distribution, PLUS, it has an awesome insert that cuts perfect bars!! I actually baked these without the pan insert and cut them after they cooled, but they can be baked with the insert too. I also baked perfect chocolate chip cookie bars in this pan too!

These bars have all the chewy goodness you are looking for, just don't over-bake them! They also are FANTASTIC with a glaze or sprinkles or BOTH! This recipe was adapted from a family recipe that I had in my recipe box, so I am making them as the original glazed drop cookies next! Happy baking all!

If you make these cookies tag me on Instagram @celebrationdaystudio for a feature!

Tools I used:


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