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Easy Mini Blackberry Cobblers in Ramekins

We're entering blackberry season in Alabama and my family loves keeping fresh, organic blackberries in our fridge all summer long. These sweet, juicy blackberries were just asking to be baked into something special! I have a handful of different scratch cobbler recipes passed down from different family members, so, I set out to adapt these recipes in order to make the perfect blackberry cobbler for my brand new ramekins! In the south, just about everybody has their very own version of fruit cobbler and now I'm excited to have one to pass down to my girls just like my mother passed down to me. It truly is my favorite dessert!

I have always made my mother's recipe in a 9x13 baking dish, but, when I ordered some new ramekins in one of my favorite colors, I knew I wanted to try cobbler in them. Oh man, soooo good...I might like it better than the traditional large cobbler! I just loved having my very own serving size fresh out of the oven.

Every recipe I share is EASY, and this one is no exception. It's so simple to make, it really takes no time to whip up this impressive rustic dessert.

There is NOTHING better than warm luscious fruit baked into a melt-in-your mouth sweet biscuit-like topping. The best part about making cobbler is that you can't really mess it up. It looks awesome and it tastes awesome!! Go make this summer treat ASAP!


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