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Easy Orange Roll Cupcakes

Confession: I am obsessed with orange rolls. I like to have a can in the fridge at all times! That got me thinking that I needed to incorporate them into a cupcake. At first, I thought I would try to top them on the cupcake with buttercream frosting, but after some experimenting that just wasn't what I was looking for. Instead, I wanted something that could serve as a fun treat at a brunch birthday party, shower or family gathering, and so the Orange Roll Cupcake was born!

I already had an orange box mix in my pantry (I am not joking when I tell you I love orange-flavored baked goods!), so, I went at it to make an EASY orange roll cupcake. I used a quick hack to make these more of a bakery style, dense cupcake that would pair well with the orange roll resting on top. YUUUUMMMMMM!

When I tell you these are easy to make, I am not lying! These are sure to impress and people will be flooding you with can be your little secret how simple they are to make!

Also, these cupcakes are perfect for weekend baking with the kiddos. My daughter LOVED making these and eating these! She has already requested I make a cinnamon roll version, so that is next on my list and I will share with you how it turns out! The combination of flavors and options are endless with this cupcake idea.


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