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Easy Peaches and Velvet Cream Cake

For Father's Day this year, I whipped up this perfectly easy, peachy and light summer cake!

I have a ton of these easy semi-homemade (and plenty of from-scratch) family recipes that I have been baking my way through and I am loving them all. This one was from my husband's Nana. She always had one or two (or three!) of these cake box/hack sheet cakes on the counter during the holidays and they were always SO GOOD! As a full-time working mom of two, I hardly have time to make a home-cooked meal, much less bake. However, since COVID-19 and a bit of a slow down at work, I have been in the kitchen with my girls a lot more and truly have found my "passion." I love taking these old family recipes and adapting them to share with you.

I tried this recipe both as a sheet cake and a four-layer 6 inch stacked cake and both were great. There are some variations that I suggest if you make a stacked cake though. Refer to my tips section in the recipe for more details. For the cake decorating style, I used a spoon to make that swirly, rustic look! SO EASY and practically a no-fail cake decorating technique.

Yummy to my tummy, as my girls would say! Happy summer baking!

We had such a great weekend celebrating my dad and my husband.

These girls love their daddy so much (and so do I)!

And their grandad! We spent the day eating, relaxing and playing at my childhood home in the "country" (as my daughter says). It was really nice to break up our daily routine and get out of town.

Hope you all had a Happy Father’s Day!

If you make this cake tag me on Instagram @celebrationdaystudio for a feature!


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