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Girly Galaxy Themed Birthday Party

I love to plan my daughter's birthday parties! However, she is one tough client! Gone are the days of me getting to plan out every little detail exactly how I want them. She is VERY specific about what she wants and how she wants it to look. I LOVE that about her! She is a girl who knows what she wants and does not waver. She is so self-aware and independent, I love her so!

For her 6th birthday, my bright shining star wanted a galaxy theme! AWESOME! One problem...."NO BLACK OR NAVY".....Okaaaaay: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

She showed me exactly the colors she wanted, so I can't really claim this awesome color combo! She wanted these gorgeous multi-colored swirls. Hot pink, purple and teal was the palette and boy was it eye candy! I added edible glitter and silver foil star sprinkles. I honestly could write two more paragraphs on these cupcakes, but I will spare you and show you another picture.

I am also obsessed with these metallic baking cups that I got from amazon. See all the products I used here.

Feast your eyes on this buttercream cake close-up! These These, colors were MADE to go together. Gorgeous cosmic colors inspired by the universe!

Cosmic Cookie Dreams! These easy cookie sandwiches were so pretty at the Galaxy party!

I used everything @pillsbury :

🌟refrigerated cookie dough

🌟funfetti bold purple

🌟funfetti aqua blue vanilla

🌟funfetti hot pink vanilla

Sooooooo good and they just scream happy birthday! And my daughter absolutely loves this special treat.

This celestial sleepover was made complete with these adorable tents I purchased off of etsy!

I ordered 10 dollar blow up mattresses and tassel from target and the sheets, bags, star lights, pillows, star projector, and balloons I ordered off of amazon! I really wanted to own my own tents for the future instead of renting. I know these tents will be used more than just once!

So, about this cake....I really wanted to do a stacked layer cake and showed my daughter a lot of inspiration photos. True to form, she had a much better idea....a star shaped cake. I was pretty nervous about frosting the sides, so I opted to cover in solid sprinkles. Perfection! I used a chocolate star mold for the stars and various piping tips for the top. Such a beautiful and an easy way to decorate a cake. My 6 year old was so impressed with me, LOL!

What a fun and memorable star-studded celebration! I can't wait to plan the next one for her!! We made the most out of isolation/pandemic and had the BEST time with our COVID crew.


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