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Half Birthday Party Cake

My sweet nephew just turned 6 months old and we weren't going to let this milestone pass by without a celebration. I made this cute half birthday cake for the occasion!

How fun is this cake?! My sister is breastfeeding and my nephew has an intolerance to dairy right now, so, this cake had to be dairy free. Luckily, Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix is dairy free and easy to color!

Brightly colored exposed layers are so much fun and can be customized to match any celebration. To make the cake, cut two 8 inch round cakes into halves, stack, frost and decorate! I also used my mom's dairy free frosting recipe that she has made for decades to decorate her cakes. It uses shortening instead of butter and is so so good! It keeps the cake so deliciously moist and is heat stable!

This was a perfect little celebration and photo shoot for my cute little 6 month old nephew! We love you so much, Rob!

Get everything you need for a 1/2 year birthday celebration:

If you make a half birthday cake, I would love to see your creation!

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