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Harvest Corn Thanksgiving Treat Bags

I was inspired by Pinterest this year to make Harvest Corn Thanksgiving Treat Bags. I put my own spin on it with custom tags and candy only. Many I saw used a trail mix, but I thought it would be cute and tasty to just use plain Reese’s Pieces. We travel out of town for Thanksgiving this year, so it makes for an easy and SUPER cute treat to bring! I am bringing them for my family and we are also giving them out at my daughter's daycare as Thanksgiving treats for the class.

Of course, I designed some new tags for this treat! Where I live, the fall leaves are SO GORGEOUS this time of year, so what better art to feature than these adorable little leaves? I paired with a gorgeous modern script font and my favorite slab/sans serif.

Here is what you need:

Raffia (by the roll)

Hope you try these out for yourself and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING with your friends and family!

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