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Kindergarten Graduation Party: Your Future is Bright!

We have a Kindergarten grad over here! After a year of virtual learning, working full-time from home, and taking care of a toddler (all at the same time), we all deserved a party!

The theme came easily: Your Future Looks Bright! It certainly feels that way coming out of a pandemic, right?! I wanted a bright, happy and fun celebration after a tough year!

Inside every child, is a rainbow waiting to shine.

Although we struggled, we also triumphed! We got to spend a WONDERFUL year together as a family. I am so thankful for all of the memories we made and for all of the minutes, hours, weeks, and months that we got to SLOW DOWN and just be together at home. Sure, it was tough trying to juggle it all, but, it was so worth it!

Here's a list of what my cute party favors included:

It doesn't cost a lot of money to throw a fun and memorable celebration! This balloon arch from amazon was only $16! I picked up a small 4 foot table at my local Target for about $30 and the cloth on amazon for only $24 now I have this perfect little party table forever!

I went all out with rainbow swirled buttercream, grad hat ring toppers, plus smiley and rainbow sugar decorations.

Of course, I had to create themed signs! You can get the digital download in my etsy shop!

pre k kindergarten graduation party

Cute Kindergarten Graduation Cookies!

My mom made these adorable royal icing grad emoji cookies and sunshine cookies! Pink grad caps because my daughter INSISTED on a pink cap and gown! I love it!

I found cute rainbow themed picture frames at my local hobby lobby!


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