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Mini Valentine's Day Cookie Cake

I just love everything about Valentine's Day! Sweets, hearts, pink, red...all of it! It's such a fun holiday celebrating love! This year my mom gifted my daughters with an adorable mini heart skillet. So, we decided to use those and make cookie cakes for Valentine's Day Teacher Gifts, but you could gift these to any special someone!

Here is what you need:

• Mini Heart Shaped Cast Iron Skillet

• Cookie Dough (I used Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Roll)

• Icing (I used Pillsbury Funfetti Hot Pink Icing!)

• Icing Bags

• Wilton Tips 129 and 109

• Hot Pink Chocolate Chips (I got mine from Hobby Lobby cake section, not available online)

• Baker's Joy No Stick Spray

• Cake Board

• Bakery Boxes and Ribbon

Guys, it doesn't get easier than this! However, there is an art to figuring out how much dough to put in, if you put too much it will bubble over and fall off in the oven! So don't overfill! How CUTE are these iron skillets!!?!? Tip: Don't forget to coat the pan with Baker's Joy before you put the dough in so that they come out nice and clean!!

Just pipe around the edges and add your sprinkles after the cookie cake has cooled and you have the most impressive little dessert!! Tip: I put a dollop of royal icing (cookie icing) on my cake board to keep it in place.

I am in LOVE!

I popped this baby in the box and designed and added a cute tag and festive ribbon! Tip: I added tape to the bottom of the board so there would be no sliding.


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