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Mom's Perfect Cream Cheese Pound Cake

My husband's birthday was earlier this week and he requested a pound cake! Oh boy, I knew I was going to impress him with my mom's absolutely perfect pound cake. It's a family recipe and I have had it a million times, but, I have never made it myself. I was a bit nervous because I've grown up hearing that you can seriously mess up a pound cake, lol! It's all in the mixing process...aaaand was only given the handwritten ingredients and bake time. Soooo, there was a lot of room for error...yikes! However, I was determined...

I was gifted the most beautiful bundt pan ever from my husband's Nana B and I knew it was THE PERFECT pan to make his birthday cake in. This pan is gorgeous, the key to getting the perfect cake out of this pan is to spray it first liberally with Baker's Joy. I found that out the hard way!

Making this pound cake is really actually a breeze. The taste and texture is perfect. It's a perfectly textured, moist pound cake that pairs so well with fruit, duh! Load up the center of your cake with fresh berries and sift powdered sugar over it and people will think you have created a cake decorating skills required!!!


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