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Seashell Sugar Cookies + Favorite Beach Finds

I just got back from an amazing family beach trip and wanted to share with you a sweet sea inspired treat! Seashell Sugar Cookies: a crunchy, buttery and awesome road trip snack to pack for a long drive! These cute little seashell cookies are sure to be a hit with the whole fam, all you need to make them are a few staple ingredients and a cookie press!

I added plenty of pearlized sugar to really make them shine! These crisp and crunchy cookies are super fun to make and perfect year round. The cookie press comes with so many great holiday shapes – I can't wait to make more!

We had such a blast at the beach! I wanted to share some of the beach gear that helped make it so! Check out my list linked on my beach pic from our trip below:

From travel products that make the drive easier with kiddos, to sunglasses and sandals; amazon has some great stuff that comes super fast. I am a last minute mama, so I rely on amazon a lot! Check out my amazon beach find list to see the gear I brought on our trip. If you are headed to the beach this summer you will love some of my finds.

I absolutely love these polarized sunglasses! I got multiple pairs and they are so affordable! They were lightweight and made all the colors of the beach pop. My daughters loved their mini polarized sunglass too. They wore them the whole time and they usually hate wearing sunglasses. The beach toys I found ended up being a HUGE hit and this mama got to relax while the kiddos played. My toddler loved the dump trucks the most! My all-time favorite find was this mesh bag. It kept things clean because the sand could fall through. It was large and flexible and held everything from towels to toys.


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