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Tomato Soup Spice Cupcakes + Smooth Cream Cheese Frosting

Tomato Soup Spice Cupcakes!!! What!? Yes, you heard me correctly! These tomato soup cupcakes are soooo goooood. Don't worry, you won't taste the tomato soup AT ALL. The soup is the secret ingredient that keeps these cupcakes very moist. I was first introduced to tomato soup cake when I came across the recipe in my new vintage cake cookbook! I have apparently started a vintage cookbook collection. I can't help myself! I keep finding (and buying lol) AWESOME vintage 1920s and 40s cookbooks online. I love them, they smell like an old library and they have amazing illustrations. They are so cool, I may dedicate and entire blog post featuring them!

When I first made the cupcakes, I followed the 1920s cake recipe exactly...well...they were a total flop and sunk in the middle. So, I made some adjustments and now the recipe is perfect for the modern day baker (and oven!). These would be so very cute at a farm-themed birthday party!

I could not resist using red food coloring and decorating these like tomatoes. You totally don't have to do that because it does add just a little extra time (but not much!) I also used some red food coloring in the batter to brighten the cake up.

To decorate these cupcakes like tomatoes you will need the following:

I always use Wilton Scoop It Measuring Cups-4 Piece SetWilton Scoop It Measuring Cups-4 Piece Set to get uniform cupcakes. Guys, this cupcake is so delish it actually could be eaten as a muffin alone (add some butter, of course) and nix the icing. It's that good, especially warm!

If you don't have the piping bags and tips, you can ice the cupcakes like the above picture and add some walnuts. YUM! I actually made these for my husband for Father's Day because he is a health nut/veggie fan (not really a big sweets fan like me) and I wanted to be cheeky and give him a cupcake that was decorated like a veggie (he loves tomatoes)! I also designed this cute card from the girls to attach to the cupcake box! He loved them!!


Tag me on instagram @celebrationdaystudio if you make these, I would LOVE to see your creations!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!


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