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Edible Craft: Turkey Time Oreos + Cookie Card

It's almost Turkey Time! These super cute Oreo® turkeys are a great edible craft to keep the kiddos busy and entertained (even if for a little bit lol!) during Thanksgiving break. So, grab a few ingredients and get ready to gobble them up!

Here is what you need to make turkey oreos:

  1. Double stuffed Oreos

  2. candy corn

  3. candy eyes

  4. butterscotch chips

  5. cookie icing

  6. Twizzlers

  7. Cute Cookie Card (optional)

I designed a Turkey Time cookie card to give out at my daughter's school, these would also make adorable favors for the kid's table at Thanksgiving dinner! Simply put your cookie in a cello bag and attach to the card (I staple mine).


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