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Gender Reveal Party: Fireworks

Time for a throwback! Around this time three years ago we were trying to get pregnant and found out in February that we were expecting. So, the timing was PERFECT for a gender reveal party on the 4th of July. My family always has a big firework show, so I knew that it would be a really fun gender reveal for our baby!

I started party planning by designing the invitations first:

BaByQ Invites: Food, Fun & Fireworks! Want this invite? SHOP HERE

Then, I applied the firework design from the invites to cupcake toppers. We used brownie bites from Sam's and iced and sprinkled them – super easy and delicious! Want these toppers? SHOP HERE

He or she, what will it be? 8x10 design and simple (cheap) white frame from Michael's.

I found cute tulle cupcake toppers that reminded me of fireworks at Hobby Lobby.

Gooey Butter Blue Velvet Cookies YUM!! So easy and adorable and could be used for any gender reveal party.

Chalkboard to tally the votes! Blue or Pink what do you think?

The party was so much fun! We had burgers, hotdogs, chips, brownie bites, cookies, rock candy, pink lemonade and blue Hi-C.

Then, it was time for the BIG REVEAL. Pink/Red fireworks for girl and Blue for boy.

I am not sure which scream is mine, but I am sure I screamed lol! There was a random green one in there (my brother assured me that the box said pink, but it was dark out there, so you never know!) A successful reveal and VERY exciting!!!! We gave my brother and cousin the sealed envelope from the Ultrasound that they opened right before they set the fireworks off so that it would be a surprise for them too! SO. MUCH. FUN.

It's a GIRL!!!! My talented father-in-law, Dale Haverkampf, captured this AWESOME photo after the reveal. We used regular sparklers and I added the color in photoshop since colored sparklers don't really work well!

This was such a memorable day in my life. It was so much fun to get together with our family and friends and make memories with them. Just another reason to celebrate life!

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