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Fa-boo-lous Ghost Cupcake Cones

Hey boo-tiful, are you ready for Halloween?! Whip up these easy ghost cupcake cones this spooky season and you will be the ghostess with the mostest!

You can make your favorite from-scratch cake and buttercream frosting OR you can make it easy and do a box mix with store-bought frosting. Either way, these cute Halloween cupcake cones are going to be fa-boo-lous!!

Here is what you need to make this creepy cuties:

• Chocolate Cake Box Mix

• Ice cream cones (I used Jumbo cones)

• Halloween Sprinkles

• Frosting (store bought or homemade buttercream)

• White candy melts or melting chocolate

• Mini chocolate chips

• Jumbo chocolate chips

• Large round piping tip and piping bag

1. Simply make the cake according to the instructions on the box and place your cupcake cones in a muffin tin. Fill the cake batter to the line on the cone and bake according to box instructions. 2. Let the cupcakes cool completely, then melt the candies according to the directions on the bag. 3. Dip the cones in the chocolate, then in your Halloween sprinkles and let set completely. 4. Next, prepare your piping bag with the frosting and make a swirl on top. 5. Add chocolate chips to make a ghost face!

Making Halloween cupcake cones has become a tradition at my house and the kids LOVE it. Check out these Halloween Monster Cake Cones from last year!

Go get your spook on!


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