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How to Create a Learning Corner at Home for Kids

Children are quick to learn, and a great way to continue their learning experience is by creating a space for them to practice everything they’ve learned. A learning corner at home is a great way to help children exercise their minds outside the traditional classroom setting. And by dedicating a space in your home for the sole purpose of learning, children can benefit from their surroundings. So whether you want to dedicate a space for learning at home in Dallas, TX, or are thinking of upgrading an existing learning corner in Vancouver, BC, here are some creative ways to create a learning corner at home for kids. -Redfin Blog

I was so excited to participate in this Redfin Blog article by providing a tip on how to create a vibrant learning corner at home for kids! My kids were learning full-time at home for two years (and continue to do so part-time), so, I definitely have some solid experience!

Any corner of your home can be transformed into a cozy and creative learning nook for your child by adding a functional small space desk and chair, fun storage bins, a craft organizer cart, and a whiteboard, chalkboard, or magnet board. Consider including a special shelf that your child can decorate independently by displaying their arts and crafts. This unique space should be vibrant and bursting with color, filled with supplies (like pencils, paper, scissors, crayons, paint, chalk, markers, stickers, etc), stacked with books, and tons of creativity. – Celebration Day Studio


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